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What is a Secret Table?

Every destination in Asia has a handful of magical restaurants, yet oftentimes they remain unknown to those who are only visiting for a short while. Like a personal recommendation from a friend you can trust, discover our collection of unique, personally handpicked independent restaurants with core values that embrace sustainability, fair wages and career paths for young local people. Prepared by ever-present, passionate chefs that take great pride in what they do, each serves creative cuisine made with local and seasonal ingredients that reveal the true essence of Asian flavours.

Perfect places in which to savour a meal with a friend, these casual, unpretentious and surprisingly affordable gems offer a seamless and authentic experience that reflects the taste and culture of the land in which they are set.

Our Story

After his voyage, Kim grasps the mission that his father had assigned to him—besides its exclusive properties, to also inform contemplative travellers about quaint inns, exotic cruises, private villas, and idyllic restaurants, which unveil a true essence of Asia.

How can one describe the wonders of Asia without paying homage to its incredible cuisine? Everywhere I go, I relish in the intoxicating smells of aromatic spices, fresh herbs, and indigenous produce showcasing the true essence of Asian flavours including turmeric, ginger, chilli, Kampot pepper, cilantro and Thai basil...

Along my travels, I stop to savour meals with newfound friends at independent restaurants that use local ingredients to reflect the taste and culture of the land. We indulge in a wide array of shared plates, often served at the same time in the centre of the table. Each country, each province, each town has its own delicacies.

A feast for both the eyes and palate, I sample curries in Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Cambodia, Laos, Burma, India and Sri Lanka. Some are red or green, others orange, yellow or dark brown. Many are spicy, others less so. The classic Indonesian salad known as gadogado, made with eggs and a peanut sauce, is as divine as the ubiquitous Vietnamese pho soup, and Isan’slarb made with minced meat. In China, small bamboo baskets reveal an abundance of tantalising dim sum. Korea’s signature bibimbab(mixed rice), and the distinctively unique produce from Japan is a voyage unto itself. Ever mindful of the importance of consuming healthy foods, Asian meals often end with a platter of freshly cut fruit, the chance to sample durian, jackfruit, soursop, rambutan, tamarillo, dragon fruit, snake fruit, mangosteen, and many other types of tropical fruit.

Recalling these convivial moments, I think of the words once written by British author Virginia Woolf: “One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well.” Without moderation, share the taste of Asia with others at Secret Tables.

Lucky Diner

Lucky Diner

Dine at Secret Tables and Win 2 Nights at a Secret Retreats property

During the months of April, May and June 2016, Secret Retreats will be offering diners at Secret Tables the opportunity to win 2 nights’ stay at a beautiful, boutique property within the Secret Retreats collection.
All you have to do to win is to be seated at the right time, on the right day, at the right table number.

Each month, at random, the Secret Tables chefs will offer two lucky guests at their restaurant the opportunity to stay in a Secret Retreats property. The prize can be used immediately or within the next 6 months, in a property located within the same country as the Secret Table where the guests are eating.

The winning restaurant tables will change location on a monthly basis:
April - Indonesia
May - Cambodia
June - Thailand

Bon Appetit!


The Tiger’s Eye, Cambodia

Named after a butterfly, South African Chef Timothy Bruyns has injected an exciting and dynamic new style of cooking into the Phnom Penh dining scene. Specialising in contemporary world cuisine, the... (more)

Mie Cafe, Cambodia

Set in lovely wooden home, just outside the centre of town in Siem Reap, Mie Café offers a tranquil dining experience. Soak up the warm atmosphere, and watch the kitchen at work whilst savouring... (more)

Cuisine Wat Damnak, Cambodia

Set in a beautifully renovated traditional Cambodian home, Cuisine Wat Damnak presents modern Cambodian cuisine with a small touch of French sensitivity. Using unusual, foraged and premium... (more)

David’s Kitchen at 909, Thailand

Situated on the Ping River in Sanpisuur, just 20 minutes by car from the centre of Chiang Mai, David’s Kitchen serves modern French cuisine with a Thai twist indoors, on the terrace or in the... (more)

Supanniga Eating Room, Thailand

Nestled in the heart of Bangkok, Supanniga Eating Room serves authentic, savoury Thai cuisine using premium ingredients from Thailand’s seaside towns including fish sauce, kapi (dried shrimp... (more)

Le Du Wine Bar & Restaurant, Thailand

Meaning “season” in Thai, Le Du serves à la carte and tasting menus which offer modern Thai food showcasing Thailand’s rich produce and centuries old culinary cultures, complemented by an... (more)

Cuca, Indonesia

Set in the beautiful expanse of a coconut grove, the restaurant is helmed by Chef Kevin Cherkas, (previously with El Bulli and Arzak in Spain and Daniel in New York) and Virginia Entizne, teaming up... (more)

Locavore, Indonesia

Serving modern contemporary European cuisine using local, honest produce, the spacious open kitchen in this informal restaurant located in downtown Ubud is eye-catching. For a fully interactive... (more)

Supanniga Cruise, Thailand

Supanniga Cruise is the latest venture from the same team that brought Supanniga Eating Room to Bangkok. Combining three exquisite elements of Thai culture: the authentic Thai food, the genuine... (more)
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